Webinar: An unique digital platform for OPEX 4.0


“Digital Platform for Operational Excellence 4.0” allows you to boost your results thanks to one single multilanguage cloud platform, which will manage, in real time, the Opex Initiatives at all your sites and is available on all your devices.

Solvace OpEx 4.0 eliminates nonvalue added activities, improving data and information availability and quality, creating a collaborative model in which people are connected and working in synergy.

It has more than 30 different applications and modules, including Digital Boards for Visual Management, Digital Training platform powered by a Digital Skill Matrix, Digital Project Management & Teamwork, Digital Anomaly Tagging, Standard Inspection and Lubrication.

In response to Covid-19 pandemic, EFESO has enriched Solvace OpEx 4.0 with a new Modules’ series to support organisations in the RESTART phase, alongside the 5R EFESO integrated approach.



Learning Campus Online



am 18.05.2020
ab 15:00 Uhr